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RPU launches program to help customers offset carbon footprint

Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) today launched a new carbon offset program which offers Renewable Energy Credits for sale to customers to offset their carbon footprint.


RPU produces emission-free renewable energy through the Lake Zumbro hydroelectric plant. When energy is produced through renewable means, the production is tracked in the form of a Renewable Energy Credit or REC (pronounced “rek”) via the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System (M-RETS). RECs are a serialized credit that is attached to a megawatt of energy from a qualifying source. For each megawatt generated, RPU receives one REC. The average annual output of the Lake Zumbro hydro plant is approximately 13,000 megawatt-hours.


RPU is now offering customers an opportunity to buy the RECs at $4 per REC. By purchasing the RECs, customers show support for generation of local renewable energy while offsetting their carbon footprint. The purchase of one REC equals the offset of one metric ton of carbon dioxide.


More information about the program and how to sign up is available on the RPU website at or contact customer service at 280-1500.



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