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FAQ’s for testing your water temperature

Q- Which faucet do I test from?

A-     Turn your cold water on. Use only your cold water faucet or turn your water to only the cold setting.

Q- Will I get a credit on my water if I have to run a pencil-width stream for the next two months?

A-     No, there is no water credit for running your water to prevent freezing, but your sewer base will be adjusted in April.

Q- What kind of thermometer do I use to test my water?

A-     A basic outdoor thermometer should be fine. Do not use a meat thermometer. Hold the tip in the stream of cold water for an accurate reading.

Q- If my water temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, how long do I have to run the pencil-width stream of water?

A-     A safe time to run the constant stream is for two months. Make sure to call RPU (507.280.1500) during regular business hours to let them know that you will be running a constant stream. Even if you are home and using water, that stream should be left running.

Q- What are RPU’s water rates?

A-     See pdf