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T12 Roundup kicks off!


Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) now offers an additional per bulb rebate on all T12 lighting that is replaced with new energy efficient lighting for a limited time. The bonus rebate is in addition to the standard commercial lighting rebate currently offered.  The bonus rebate program called the “T12 Roundup” is available to businesses between now and June 30, 2010. As of July 1, 2010, T12 magnetic ballasts will no longer be manufactured, and with new technology, there are more efficient lighting options now available.


The T12 lighting can be replaced with a number of energy efficient lighting options. Those options include: T8, super T8, low wattage T8, or T5 lighting. The energy efficient lighting options are up to 30% more energy efficient and last up to 4,000 hours longer depending on the use and application.


After completion of the lighting project, customers should fill out the rebate form located on the RPU web site under “T12 Roundup” and return it to RPU. For additional information on the T12 Roundup, contact Jan Blevins at 507-280-1578 or Stephanie Humphrey at 507-280-1639.


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