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RPU power restoration and tree removal

Over the course of the past five days, Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) has responded to over 500 separate power outage calls caused by tree and wind damage.



The winds and rain from the storm Thursday evening knocked over trees and blew branches into power lines across the city causing the widespread outages. By mid Saturday afternoon all of the known power outages were addressed and repaired.



Trees and branches that came down in the storm or that had to be cut to ensure safety and reliability will not be removed from the property by RPU. It is the property owner’s responsibility to remove the cut branches and limbs. Customers can contact a private contractor to remove their tree debris or can remove it themselves and deliver it to the Hathaway Brush Disposal Site at 2564 50th Ave NW for a fee.



If there are still limbs or branches that are causing a safety or electric reliability problem, customers can call RPU to have the situation inspected.

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