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Lake Zumbro Spring and Summer Pool Level


April 4, 2011

CONTACT:      Tony Benson

                        Communications Coordinator






ROCHESTER, MN— Due to heavy runoff the level of Lake Zumbro is currently above normal pool. This condition will persist until river flows in the South and Middle Forks of the Zumbro River fall to less than the hydraulic capacity of the Zumbro Hydroelectric Plant (approximately 800 cubic feet per second). Lake Zumbro will be operated at normal summer pool (919.7 dam datum) throughout the rest of the spring and summer season, to the extent possible. However, the public should be aware that the Zumbro Hydroelectric Plant has extremely limited capacity to pass flood flow, resulting in frequent high water events that exceed normal pool.

Real-time lake level information is available on the RPU web site ( For additional information regarding the Zumbro Dam and Hydroelectric Facility please contact Tony Benson 280-1534 or Todd Osweiler, 280-1589.



Tips for safe boating:


Watch the weather. Be aware of changing water levels and conditions that would expose logs, snags or cause floating debris. Be cautious when boating in the vicinity of the dam. Do not proceed past the warning signs and buoys. Tell someone where you are going, who is with you, and how long you will be away. Avoid standing, and when changing seats, stay low and near the centerline of your boat. Be ready for trouble when a powerboat passes you in a narrow channel. Maintain a safe operating speed. Always wear approved personal flotation devices (PFD).



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