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RPU Board to discuss and select Resource Plan scenario for Rochester’s energy future

The Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) Utility Board will discuss and select a scenario for Rochester’s energy needs beyond 2030 at its July 23rd meeting.

Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company Inc. will present scenarios to the RPU Board showing different energy mix scenarios for RPU after 2030, when RPU’s contract with Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (SMMPA) concludes. Scenarios will include an array of different energy mixes including a 100% renewable energy option.

Minnesota cities that currently have chosen a 100% renewable energy direction include St. Paul, Minneapolis, and St. Louis Park.

All RPU Utility Board Meetings are open to the public. The July 23rd meeting will be held in the RPU Community Room at the RPU Service Center and will begin promptly at 4pm.

After the presentation of the Resource Plan, it will be made available on the RPU website at For additional questions, contact Tony Benson at 507.280.1534.

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As the municipal utility of Rochester, Minn., for more than 110 years, RPU provides high-quality and reliable electricity to over 55,000 customers. Water customers number more than 40,000. RPU continually investigates innovative technologies to help customers realize the best value from the services they receive. Current initiatives include photovoltaic offerings, wind energy, energy and water efficient equipment, and electric vehicle charging.