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RPU to offer rebates on water efficient appliances and equipment

Rochester Public Utilities (RPU), along with Austin Utilities and Owatonna Public Utilities, will launch new rebate offerings under the Conserve & Save program for water efficient appliances and equipment beginning on April 1. Rebates will range from $4 up to $200 depending on the equipment and will be available to both residential and commercial customers.

Along with the approval of the water conservation rate structure at the February Utility Board meeting, the RPU Board also asked for a water conservation program offering rebates and ongoing education for water conservation and efficiency. The water efficiency rebate program will offer rebates to residential customers on ENERGY STAR® clothes washers, high-efficiency toilets, rain barrels, and rotating sprinkler nozzles. Commercial customers can take advantage of the residential water rebate offerings along with the rebates specifically for commercial customers such as pre-rinse spray valves, large rotating sprinkler nozzles, ultra low water urinals, and zero water urinals.

“Although we are mandated by the state of Minnesota to implement rates for water conservation, we feel that offering rebates to customers to conserve water by making water efficient purchases is the right thing to do. We have seen great success in our energy conservation offerings and hope to mirror that with our new water conservation offerings,” said Larry Koshire, RPU General Manager.

For more information on water rebates please visit the Conserve and Save section here.