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Minnesota Cold Weather Rule goes into effect on October 15

The Minnesota Cold Weather Rule goes into effect on October 15. The Cold Weather Rule was established by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to provide protections for residential customers that are behind or cannot make their full utility payment during the winter months, provided that electrical utility service is required to operate the residence’s primary heat source. The Cold Weather Rule applies from October 15- April 15.


In order to avoid disconnection or to have service reconnected, customers must either bring their balance current or call RPU to set up a payment plan before October 15. Payment Plans must be kept current during the Cold Weather Rule months in order to avoid disconnection. Customers may need to take additional steps and requirements necessary to comply with the Cold Weather Rule.

For concerns regarding high energy use, customers can take advantage of RPU’s energy conservation tips and energy audits to reduce energy consumption. To set up a payment plan, customers can call RPU customer service at 507-280-1500.



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