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Outdoor air temperature warms, does little to ease deep frost level

As the outdoor air temperature shows signs of warming, it is still critical that all RPU water customers continue to monitor their water temperature. If customers are running a constant pencil-width stream of water, it is important that they continue to run their faucet for the next two months.  


With a frost level of nearly six feet below the ground, it will take a significant string of warm, sunny days to penetrate the frost level. RPU water experts suggest that because of such a significant frost level that the frost may be in the ground well into April. View real-time frost level readings for Rochester on the RPU website


A frozen water service repair can cost between $800- $1,000. The cost to run a constant pencil-width stream of water is approximately $40- $60 per month including sewer fees. If you are going to be letting your water run, please contact RPU at 507.280.1500 during regular business hours.


All businesses and residence types could be affected. The age of your home does not matter.



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