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2015 Update to RPU Infrastructure Plan presented and placed on file

The Rochester Public Utility Board accepted and placed on file a 2015 Update of the RPU Infrastructure Plan that serves as the model for investments and strategies related to the supply of power and energy to the city of Rochester. In a presentation by Mike Borgstadt, Manager of Resource Planning for Burns & McDonnell, an engineering firm from Kansas City Missouri, the Board was presented several options to meet the current demand and future growth within the City of Rochester through 2035.


Highlights from the presentation include;

  • Elimination of coal from the RPU portfolio by 2030
  • Meeting all renewable, solar and conservation standards
  • Flexibility to accommodate increases or decreases in growth related to DMC and conservation efforts
  • Retirement of older inefficient resources and replacement with high efficient, low emission units
  • Positions RPU for the end of a Power Supply Contract that terminates in 2030
  • Expands partnership opportunities for combined heat and power projects
  • Reduces CO2 emission in accordance with the Clean Power Plan


The plan update was driven by increased coal plant retirements in the region, environmental stewardship and changes in the Midcontinent Independent System Operation distribution market, in which RPU is a member.

The options considered in the study included renewables and conservation, bi-lateral market purchases and natural gas-fired units.

“As part of RPU’s environmental stewardship core value, RPU is laying out this comprehensive update to the infrastructure plan in order to solidify our commitment to being proactive and fiscally responsible with planning for future electric generation,” said Jerry Williams, RPU Board President.

RPU staff recommended a preferred scenario that meets Rochester’s growth and does so economically, reliably and is environmentally responsible.

The infrastructure plan and the update are available to view on the RPU website,


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