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RPU Proposed Rate Increase for 2022

On August 31 2021, the RPU Utility Board directed staff to give public notice of the proposed increase to general electric rates and general water rates for 2022 by 2.5% (3.5% for residential electric customers) in the paper of record. 

Changes in the electric rates will result in an average monthly increase of $2.29 for the average residential customer.

Changes in the water rates will result in an increase of $0.57 for the average residential water customer. 

Public comment on the proposed rates will be taken at the September 28, 2021, and October 26, 2021 RPU Board Meetings prior to the Board voting on the proposed budget and rate increase. If approved, the Board will recommend approval by the City Council which is currently scheduled on December 6, 2021.

Please contact Tony Benson at 507-280-1534 or email at

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